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Stop guessing. Let Polytrends do the charting for you

Polytrends helps you automatically track trends, market structure, and important levels — with pinpoint accuracy.

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As a busy dad with a full-time job, I don't always have time to concentrate on the charts. Polytrends does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. What takes me 15 minutes to draw, it does in seconds. It has helped me identify more trading opportunities I otherwise might have missed.
Fred M.  Montreal | Verified User


Algo-driven charting designed to improve retail trader's consistentcy.


Automatically plot razor sharp support and resistance levels.


Sophisticated trend recognition logic designed for any market.


Polytrends is a non-lagging indicator-based algorithm, designed for retail traders using TradingView.

We've built a powerful and affordable algorithm for traders that want more consistency in their charting.  It's the ideal tool for razor sharp trading accuracy, effective trend recognition, and overall chart-reading wizardry.


Save time by automatically charting the same way, every time without bias.

Help boost your confidence and maintain focus by making fewer mistakes.

Our algorithim allows you to make faster decisions so you miss fewer trades.

Minimize emotional trading by easily mapping your chart with a logic based plan.

We've spent over 3,000 hours designing and programming this algorithm with you in mind.

logic based charting in real-time

Leading vs Lagging indicators

Lagging indicators are a problem. They tell you what has already happened, but offer little insight into the future. Leading indicators help you know what's happening now and what comes next. Trade with confidence knowing the Polytrends Algo will guide your trading in real-time.

Build consistentcy

Technical analysis should be simple and repeatable. Build a strong foundation by using our algorithm to map your charts correctly the first time. Develop successful habits and consistency with a disciplined approach. 

Structure a trading plan

Ready to identify and execute better trades? Start with a framework. Let the Algo plot significant trend-based price levels on your chart, so you can focus on what matters — managing profits.


My outlook has completely changed since using Polytrends. The potential is so obvious to me now. It's helped me spot more favorable trading setups that I previously couldn't see. It's really an eye-opening game changer.
Frode U.  Norway| Verified User


Customizable for every market


Yes, we know every trader has different trading styles. We gave you the ability to customize and control your charting display.

Exclusive TradingView integration.

Smart trend tracking with containment trend displays.

Multi-time frame tracking capability.

Simple point, drag, and click toggle displays.

Suitable for any market, any chart, on any time frame.

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This is actually the holy grail of indicators. It's like trading with training wheels. I still can't believe the accuracy sometimes. They should be charging $1000 per month, and it would still be worth it.
Zach S.  Florida| Verified User

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simple pricing for traders
Use the Polytrends Algo with two easy options.


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  • Polytrends Algo Tradingview charting integration.
  • Access to the Community Discord.


Billed Annually


  • Polytrends Algo Tradingview charting integration.
  • Access to the Community Discord.