What Is the Polytrends Algo?

Polytrends has created a leading algorithmic indicator tool for Tradingview that provides traders with real-time trend tracking and key support/resistance level management.

Why It Can Work

Traders typically have several questions after seeing Polytrends Algo, one of them being:

What advantages does this paid indicator give me over a free one?

And the more important question:

Will I make profits using this?

It would be dishonest to tell you the algo works every time and will guarantee you massive returns in a short amount of time.  Trading is just not that simple.

No indicator or algo is capable of guaranteeing any improvement to your performance, nor is any strategy capable of maintaining a percentage accuracy over time, forever. Our algo was designed to be fully user-interactive and offer a high level of market awareness that could help users generate more returns over time.

Using the Indicator

You may expect indicators to work by themselves without requiring any interaction or analysis.

“If an indicator can’t generate returns under these conditions then it isn’t worth using.”

Markets are complex. Unknown variables make them difficult to predict at times.  Experienced traders know that indicators are not to be viewed as money printers, but as tools to help them make better decisions and potentially gain a positive edge within the market, they’re trading.

Successful trading use lies somewhere between the user with the algo. The algo can access and process a large amount of data, quickly delivering useful and easy to interpret information that traders may not be able to do by themselves.

Polytrends provides the user with high quality, well-defined trends and support and resistance information that every technical trader needs.

Your Trading Style

We don’t tell you how to trade. It’s up to you to interpret the data presented, and make a decision on your trading style.  We do believe that by giving the user ample configuration options, most traders will find great usage of our algo to fit their style.

Trade however you want. We encourage you to use other indicators if you want.